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A little history about the house

Trying to put an age to the house… 1870 map Has W. Baker owning 2 houses on Memorial Street (two doors down from J Patterson), the Toy Manufactury, Store House, and other buildings in Baldwinville. If we back up to the 1857 Map (below), which is the oldest map of the area, we see J Patterson’s… Continue reading A little history about the house

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Rental Painting and carpet

Rental Living room is painted, and basically done! So you remember how far we’ve come: Kitchen cabinets and counters are going in: Carpet is installed in the downstairs back hall, stairs, and bedrooms Lights are in! In reality, the rental is actually all done (as of 7.20 when I’m updating this), but I don’t have… Continue reading Rental Painting and carpet

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Blueboard and plaster

The last time I wrote, the rough plumbing and electrical were installed and the old plaster was demoed. Now, the blueboard and plaster are up! 2nd floor bathroom and laundry area for the apartment received a beautiful coat of plaster. You can’t tell by looking, but it’s smoooooooooth. The rearmost bedroom. It looks so much… Continue reading Blueboard and plaster

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Random updates on the reno *pic heavy

Rough Plumbing is done. Master shower is installed. Rough Framing to separate the units is done. Rough Electrical is done. There used to be two windows here. This room could really use the additional light, but it’s a rental and the money isn’t in the budget to make this happen. My kids are getting a… Continue reading Random updates on the reno *pic heavy