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Rotten Walls, Termites, OH MY!

Well, we found out the the downstairs bathroom needed to be re-built because of all the water damage, termites, and carpenter ants. Below is a picture of the exterior wall. Notice that the beam which was supposed to hold that wall (and the roof) up is basically sawdust. You can see the water damage all… Continue reading Rotten Walls, Termites, OH MY!

home+garden · renovation diary

Demo Day part duex – Dining room and kitchen

Here’s what we started with: Not too bad, right? Nice wainscoting, not bad flooring, smooth walls. Well, it’s all coming out. This wall on the right is a closet that blocks entry into the first floor powder/laundry room. It’s two layers of drywall over plaster and lath. Oh yeah, and there’s a sewer pipe running through… Continue reading Demo Day part duex – Dining room and kitchen

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Family friendly fridge hub from Samsung

One of the things I’m most excited about as I plan out our renovation is the fun of getting new appliances! I haven’t bought new appliances in a long time, I just used what the landlord bought for our current kitchen, so I didn’t even look into what was available out there. Now I’m definitely starting to research and think… Continue reading Family friendly fridge hub from Samsung