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A little history about the house

Trying to put an age to the house… 1870 map Has W. Baker owning 2 houses on Memorial Street (two doors down from J Patterson), the Toy Manufactury, Store House, and other buildings in Baldwinville. If we back up to the 1857 Map (below), which is the oldest map of the area, we see J Patterson’s… Continue reading A little history about the house

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Rental Painting and carpet

Rental Living room is painted, and basically done! So you remember how far we’ve come: Kitchen cabinets and counters are going in: Carpet is installed in the downstairs back hall, stairs, and bedrooms Lights are in! In reality, the rental is actually all done (as of 7.20 when I’m updating this), but I don’t have… Continue reading Rental Painting and carpet

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Blueboard and plaster

The last time I wrote, the rough plumbing and electrical were installed and the old plaster was demoed. Now, the blueboard and plaster are up! 2nd floor bathroom and laundry area for the apartment received a beautiful coat of plaster. You can’t tell by looking, but it’s smoooooooooth. The rearmost bedroom. It looks so much… Continue reading Blueboard and plaster