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Daily Egg Count

23 Apr

We’re up to 4 eggs today…

  • Ameracauna ‘Blue’ – 1 egg
  • Rhode Island Red ‘Red’ - 1 egg
  • Welsumer ‘Baldy’ – 1 egg
  • Welsumer ‘Henna’ – waiting
  • Buff Orpington ‘Goldy’ –  1 egg and she was angry that I wanted it.
  • Black Australorp ‘Princess’ – waiting


Sign up for our egg csa to get farm-fresh, free-range eggs delivered weekly:

Beautiful Fresh Eggs from free range chickens

12 Apr

I’m now offering an egg CSA.


“CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and it is an awesome partnership for both farmers and the community. In CSAs, customers actually become members of the farm which creates an even more direct path from farm-to-table. Members get the benefits of ultra-fresh foods and all the vitamins they provide while becoming familiar with the farming practices used to produce their foods. For the farmers, a CSA helps to regulate the farm’s cash flow by helping the farm increase viability. Farmers also really get to establish relationships with their members and are able to tailor their plans to meet the needs of the market.


There’s nothing better than farm-fresh, free-range eggs for breakfast. Each egg share will provide you with a dozen eggs each week for 26 weeks.

Reared on our family farm in Templeton, we believe our laying hens should be allowed to be chickens: they are kept in a small hen house from which they can range throughout the day on green pasture, scratching and pecking the ground for grasses and bugs, stretching in the warm sunshine, and taking dust baths.


We keep many different breeds of chicken, including Ameracauna, which lay beautiful blue/green eggs; Rhode Island Reds, which lay extra large brown eggs; Welsummer which lay speckled dark brown eggs; and Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, and Wyandotte, the friendliest breeds, which lay traditional brown eggs.


Sign-up for our Community Supported Agriculture program is first-come, first-served. There are a limited number of memberships available, so be sure to submit the application form (copy and email to as soon as possible to secure your spot.

Phone #_______________________________ Email________________________________

I would like to sign up to receive (circle one):

  • double: two dozen (24) eggs/week: $215
  • full: one dozen (12) eggs/week: $115
  • half: one-half dozen (6) eggs/week: $70

I will pick up my eggs on (circle one):

  • saturdays 9a-11a
  • wednesdays 4p-6p


  1. It is my responsibility to pick up my eggs at my selected time each week. When special circumstances arise that prevent me from picking up my eggs at my scheduled time, I will arrange for alternative pick-up arrangements. I understand if I do not pick up my eggs and do not call to arrange for another pick-up, my eggs for that week will be donated to an area food bank.

  2. The EGG CSA will run for 26 weeks.

  3. Membership payment must be made at the start of the season. Payments can be made when this application is submitted (I’ll send you an invoice) or at the first pick-up. If there are questions or special arrangements must be made for egg pickups, please contact Amanda at 401-305-0591 or

  4. We encourage all EGG CSA members to reuse their egg cartons each week. Eggs will be available at pick-up both prepackaged and loose so that you may fill your carton.


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